50 – A Short Interlude

There was a crowd clustered around a small pond. Fairies and fae in fancy dress sat comfortably on the soft grass, on small chairs – or on friends for those who had come with nymphs – all watching the dance taking place in and on the water. Mermaids and water nymphs cavorted, water towering high into the air, forming shapes and tubes, suspending the mermaids ten feet or more off the ground, before bringing them back down.

Stef pulled on Curt’s arm and found a quiet spot off to the left, only noticed by a few people, all of which were courteous enough to keep their distance. They sat, and she removed her mask before leaning against him. Continue reading “50 – A Short Interlude”

47 – Reputations

[Come see me before the meeting?]

Stef put a hand out to stop Curt from opening the door to the conference room, turned her hand and grabbed his shirt, then shifted them both to Ryan’s office.

‘You rang?’ she said, giving a less-than-convincing impression of Lurch.

‘I just wanted to warn you,’ Ryan said as he rose from behind his desk, ‘and to ask your forgiveness.’ Continue reading “47 – Reputations”