Chapter 17

November 21st

The first thing Stef saw upon reintegrating was Jones smiling. She stood at the long metal bench, her hair held up by a purple hairclip that seemed to be projecting holographic flowers into her hair.

She gave a happy sigh. Jonesy was so pretty when presenting as Andrea. Boy!Jonesy was pretty too, but always seemed like he was just on the tipping point where he could become a pretty boy anime villain.

‘I want to poke your hair,’ she said, drifting towards the tech.

‘Poke at your own peril,’ Jones chided gently. ‘And besides, you two have work to do.’

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Chapter 11

November 20th

Magnolia stepped off the lift and onto the primary tech floor. Screen stood twenty feet down the hall, lazily swiping her finger across one of the touchscreens that lined the wall. ‘You’re late,’ the tech chided gently.

Magnolia walked down the hall, and gave her best friend a kiss on the cheek. ‘I had to rescue a nerd, I think you’ll accept that as an excuse.’

‘Of course,’ she said. ‘Were we going out for coffee, or staying in?’

‘Out,’ she said, dragging Screen towards the lift. ‘I need to get out. Breathe some different air for five minutes.’

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46 – In The Field

October 9th

He had been social once, he was sure of it.

Curt stared into the mirror and required the eighth new shirt in the last twenty minutes.

Easy. It had been easy in the old days. Agreeing to meet up with people to kick a ball around, or watch a movie, or sport, or just have a BBQ and talk shit about work.

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28 – Reboot Camp

The tech department seemed so much more full of life than the Field floor. Large, flat-panel monitors streamed memes and videos. There were the standard emergency diagrams and such, but they were drowned out by schedules of a dozen different MMOs and P&P RPGS.

Stef grimaced as she bumped into Curt.

Warn me before stopping, next time.

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