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Chapter 17

November 21st The first thing Stef saw upon reintegrating was Jones smiling. She stood at the long metal bench, her hair held up by a purple hairclip that seemed to be projecting holographic flowers into her hair. She gave a happy sigh. Jonesy was so pretty when presenting as Andrea. Boy!Jonesy was pretty too, but always seemed like he was… Read more →

Chapter 11

November 20th Magnolia stepped off the lift and onto the primary tech floor. Screen stood twenty feet down the hall, lazily swiping her finger across one of the touchscreens that lined the wall. ‘You’re late,’ the tech chided gently. Magnolia walked down the hall, and gave her best friend a kiss on the cheek. ‘I had to rescue a nerd,… Read more →

19 – Routine

November 3rd Taylor paced his office. Six steps. About-face. Six steps. About-face. Mimosa’s experimentation protocol sat on his desk, next to the original augmentation report for Whitman. Magnolia would look for similarities. Areas they could exploit. Elements that should not be repeated. Six steps. About-face. Read more →

15 – Temporary Bliss

Even in a building filled with angels, heaven on Earth was hard to find. There were, however, small areas of bliss. Magnolia sighed happily against the stomach – there was no softer place in the world than on top of the purple-headed tech. The girl’s belly accommodated her easily, and rose and fell gently as Screen breathed. ‘You’re tense,’ Screen… Read more →

28 – Reboot Camp

The tech department seemed so much more full of life than the Field floor. Large, flat-panel monitors streamed memes and videos. There were the standard emergency diagrams and such, but they were drowned out by schedules of a dozen different MMOs and P&P RPGS. Stef grimaced as she bumped into Curt. Warn me before stopping, next time. Read more →