15 – Collecting

November 2nd

Curt stared up at the door of his room, his mind still full of conflicting thoughts and information.

His phone sat on the bed in front of him, a gallery app automatically moving from one picture to the next.

Tara. Sara. A picture of Darcy he couldn’t bear to part with. Sara again. Images and memories from better days.

His foot throbbed from where it had been slammed in the door.

He heard Petersen breathing in the corner of his room, but he ignored it.

Stef was alive. The wish that had started the agency’s audit had been successful, if delayed. She was alive…and was going to be fully augmented into an agent.

The shit-scared newbie who had died in her first week…was going to be an agent.

None of that made sense.

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28 – Reboot Camp

The tech department seemed so much more full of life than the Field floor. Large, flat-panel monitors streamed memes and videos. There were the standard emergency diagrams and such, but they were drowned out by schedules of a dozen different MMOs and P&P RPGS.

Stef grimaced as she bumped into Curt.

Warn me before stopping, next time.

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