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32 – After the Storm

Curt flexed his hand, and watched as the careful construction fell into ruin. The screen flashed game over, and he started what felt like his thousandth game of Tetris. He looked over the small selection of cartridges in his bag – plumbers, apes and all the rest. All classics, all things he had played before, on a hand-me-down Gameboy that… Read more →

26 – Playing Pretend

He cut her, and she screamed. He dragged the knife down her chest, and cut deeply into her distended belly. She shook, still alive, despite the blood slicking his hands, the floor, the walls, the ceiling. Everything was dripping with blood, and she was still alive. He dropped the knife, and it shattered like glass on the floor. Her stomach… Read more →


Fragility Family isn’t something you’re born into, it’s the people that love you. Jones looked up as tiny hands touched his right shoulder, and a small head rested on them. He looked up, unsurprised to see Merlin, goggles pushed up onto the top of his head. The young boy yawned, smiled, and crawled under his desk and into the large… Read more →

25 – Infirmary

Ryan blinked, and took in the buildings outside his office again, the lights in them small defenses against the dark. The moon above, plainly visible despite the clouds covering the rest of the sky. Something tugged on what he had that resembled a soul, and he looked up, watching all of the clouds disappear as the coda began. The song… Read more →