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02 – New Game Plus

Stef kept her hands carefully at her sides as the suited guy walked half a step behind her, and just to her right – probably in a great position to grab her and subdue her if she stupidly decided to run. With the speed of a glaciar, she lifted one hand and wiped at her face, her brain too numb… Read more →

07 – Combative

Magnolia turned in a slow circle, taking count of all of the combat recruits that had been shifted out. All but two were accounted for. She pressed a hand to her earpiece. ‘Merlin?’ ‘Yupyup!’ came the too-loud response in her ear. ‘Yu and Johnson are still missing, send drones.’ ‘Sure thing ma’amy-ma’am.’ Read more →

03 – Constricted: Redux

The mirror tumbled overhead. Stef fired. The mirror rippled as the bullet slammed into it, a deep hole forming in one side, a long, sharp point on the other side, where bullet was trying to escape. She kept her gun pointed at it and counted down from ten – if it didn’t break, she’d fire again, mirrors might need a… Read more →

02 – Constricted Sequence

The morgue was cold. Ryan looked at the wall of identical doors. Only three were in use, the others were simply waiting for bodies. He stepped past the first two doors, not bothering to look at the names, and found the one that had labelled itself with Stef’s name. She didn’t belong there. She wasn’t dead. A message appeared in… Read more →

36 – Ohana

Stef opened her eyes. A jumble of nightmare imagery vanished under the scrutiny of the infirmary’s low lights. Something beeped – an ECG. Familiar sound. Comforting sound. Sound that meant she was still alive. She looked at the other pieces of equipment, at the various lines and cords leading to her bed and to her body, and she relaxed a… Read more →

35 – Old Worries

Ryan coughed. It hurt to cough. It hurt to breathe. It hurt. He stared down at his recruit, trying to ignore the countdown timer in his HUD. The number was already too low, ticking away only seconds until his predicted death. He tried not to breathe, tried not to aggravate a wound that could tear open with the slightest provocation.… Read more →

21 – With a Flash

The secret stairs. Stef stared at the closed door, the door that looked like every other one – except it didn’t have a “You aren’t a person; you’re a number” number on it. They weren’t secret stairs; they were just classily concealed, but they still felt secret. Had felt secret. Had felt special. In light of everything that had happened,… Read more →