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Chapter 59

Curt opened his eyes. His mouth tasted like cotton, and all of his limbs felt sleep-dead, like he’d been asleep for- ‘Doc?’ he said, his voice dry, his mouth begging for water. ‘Doc, what the fuck? Parker-2 sat on the bed, a hospital-issue plastic cup in his hand, a long straw slowly swaying as he held the cup. ‘Drink.’ Curt… Read more →

Chapter 54

Curt opened his eyes. It his life had been a movie – A Series of Ever-Increasingly Terrible Mistakes, a Portrait of Curt O’Connor – he would have been in the dark, both literally and figuratively. He wouldn’t have known if he was nine or ninety, if he was in bed with a lover, or in a prison cell. Real life,… Read more →

Chapter 35

Curt slipped the gun into his pocket – the pocket of the stolen clothes – the pocket of the gifted clothes. Clothes that belonged to a Solstice. Clothes being worn by a Solstice. He managed to meet Magnolia’s eyes without betraying any emotion. If the world was spinning towards Duty, towards what was right, she would take out her knife… Read more →

Fragility – 04

Wednesday Tiny hands touched his right shoulder, and a small head rested on them. Jones looked up, unsurprised to see Merlin, goggles pushed up onto the top of his head, his expression one of exhaustion. ‘Going to get some sleep, sweetheart?’ Merlin nodded his head, then lifted his head and hands away from Jones’ shoulder. ‘I’m tired, Mumma. More than… Read more →

Chapter 09

November 20th Stef jerked awake. She wiped drool from the corner of her mouth, and sat up. Everything was how she’d left it – a semi-dark lab, Jones working on her code, and her hand blue. Everything was so exciting. Everything was so important. Everything was…kind of boring when there was nothing to do. ‘Can you at least screen share… Read more →

18 – First Aid

November 2nd Magnolia winced as she reintegrated in the infirmary – the doctors expected her to show pain, and her commander was no longer present. She didn’t care if she impressed the Parkers or not. Any person – not suffering some form of extreme emotional trauma – would always get the same mix of insults, threats, and sexual innuendo. The… Read more →

05 – Operational Parameters

November 2nd Parker-1 took a moment to smooth his uniform, then stepped into the operating theatre. It was unusually full – Enforcer Crawford, Ryan, Jones and the patient-to-be: former recruit Mimosa. Annoyance leaked over the link. ^This is going to be interesting,^ his twin said. ^I’d still prefer to–^ Parker-1 shook his head. ^I’m her primary; I’m taking lead.^ ^You’ve… Read more →