28 – Duty

Tian followed the agent’s scent out of Madchester and up into Manchester, across the park and to a pub. He pushed open the door – not seeing the agent that had invaded the court, just a local and a recruit holding a conversation with a dartboard whilst munching on chips.

‘I don’t serve goblins in here!’ the barman called. ‘Go drink out of a feckin’ trough!’

He ignored the barman and turned to the local agent. ‘Where’d he go?’ Continue reading “28 – Duty”

26 – Bridge Room

‘You’ve never been here, have you?’ the hob asked as he casually swiped a hurricane lamp from a passing howler. ‘For an angel, you’ve got very little fae-stink on you.’

Ryan said nothing.

‘Did I hear you ask for four guards? Who you worried for?’

‘It’s for peace of mind,’ he said. It was a nice neutral answer that didn’t really answer the fae’s question, but he wasn’t there to answer questions, he was there to get answers. Continue reading “26 – Bridge Room”

24 – The Mad

Ryan looked up from the paperwork he was desperately trying to ignore. Paperwork he was doing in his real office for once – as much as he needed to avoid Emma, he needed to maintain some semblance of a normal routine. ‘Come,’ he said to whoever had knocked. The handle twisted and an agent, followed by a nervous recruit, walked into his office.

‘Williams,’ the agent said, ‘from Hyde.’ Continue reading “24 – The Mad”