Tag: Magnolia Hammond

30 – Rejection

Magnolia knocked on Taylor’s office door, after a non-responsive minute, she twisted the handle and walked in. There was blood everywhere. Holes were punched in the walls, furniture was upturned and a there was a report in the middle of his desk, impaled by a large knife. She carefully removed the knife and read over the sections of the report… Read more →

22 – Shriek

‘Recruit.’ Magnolia turned to see Edward, snorted, then turned back to the swinging punching bag. ‘Recruit, you’re next.’ ‘I don’t respect your authority,’ she said as she delivered a savage punch to the bag. ‘When my commanding officer tells me to do something, I’ll do it. You aren’t him.’ Read more →

43 – Heroes

Magnolia leaped up onto the scaffolding and began to climb – she could hear Taylor fighting on the roof above, alone. That was, of course, her fault – if she hadn’t been slow and weak, he never would have been able to get so far ahead. The screaming body of a Solstice fell past her and hit the ground with… Read more →

33 – Cornered

‘Are you sure you won’t need coordination on this one?’ Ryan looked across the conference room table at Clarke. ‘We don’t anticipate much competition for the mirror – according to reports, Remington’s forces haven’t moved, neither have-’ ‘Then who are you expecting?’ ‘Opportunists, Solstice, and a leech.’ ‘Two leeches.’ Read more →