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Chapter 41

Magnolia looked down at the agent in her lap. An agent that had been asleep for an hour now, barely moving, barely twitching, sleeping calm, despite the storm of emotions that had been in the conversation beforehand. A week ago, she would have taken the opportunity to slit the woman’s throat. Read more →

Chapter 40

Clarke stood by the windows of the conference room, a thin trail of smoke leading up from his cigarette as he tapped on his phone. ‘Um,’ Stef said as she closed the door. ‘You wanted to see me?’ Clarke lifted his head, tilted it to the left, then turned halfway towards her. ‘You’re not even going to throw a “sir”… Read more →

Chapter 34

Taylor wiped his hand against the leg of his pants. Behind him, a circle of Grigori’s combat-capable children loaded a Solstice prisoner into a van. The man had struggled, necessitating violence. The blood was freezing on his fingers. He held onto the sensation. It was something different. Something new. Something to distract from- Grigori was a fixture. A constant. He… Read more →

Fragility – 07

Thursday Jones bled. He forced himself to flip onto his back, his legs protesting with another wave of nauseating pain. He planted his hands in the earthy floor and pulled himself back against the bloodstained table – there was no use in spending energy and processing power on keeping himself level, when bracing himself was relatively easy. T-shirt. Uniform pants.… Read more →

Chapter 14

Magnolia felt herself wavering – hesitating – in the section of hall that lead to Taylor’s office. In the five years she had been at the agency, she’s walked in the holding pattern that trapped her feet a hundred times – but never for this reason. Never for something that could potentially lead to a happy ending. In the beginning… Read more →

Chapter 11

November 20th Magnolia stepped off the lift and onto the primary tech floor. Screen stood twenty feet down the hall, lazily swiping her finger across one of the touchscreens that lined the wall. ‘You’re late,’ the tech chided gently. Magnolia walked down the hall, and gave her best friend a kiss on the cheek. ‘I had to rescue a nerd,… Read more →

Chapter 10

November 20th Stef blinked, forcing herself back into the real world as the elevator stopped. The doors slid open, and one of the pet peeves took form. There were a cluster of recruits standing in the hall near the elevator. Too many to easily slip past. For a moment, she considered shifting past them, but that would draw just as… Read more →