45 – Never Grow Old

Stef lifted her head from the book, pulling her mind away Narnia when a bell was rung. She recognised it – it was the breakfast bell, but it hadn’t meant much when she’d been at the mansion the first time, as breakfast had been brought to them, rather than having to be searched out.

She left the book on the steps, having every intention of returning to it later – even on the brink of battle, Narnia felt so much safer than the real world did. Continue reading “45 – Never Grow Old”

44 – Only Mostly

Do it.

You aren’t supposed to be the one saying that.

Do it.

The gun was so heavy, and she just wanted to scream, to throw herself into a wardrobe and to hide until everything passed her by. This wasn’t a choice she was supposed to have to make, this wasn’t the life she was supposed to be leading.

She wasn’t supposed to be aiming a gun at herself.

It’ll be the easiest thing you’ve done lately, and you don’t have a choice.

You’re supposed to be the one that stops me from making stupid decisions. Continue reading “44 – Only Mostly”

03 – A Conversation

Stef stared at the code in front of her, and made some notes on the already-full piece of paper to her right. The algorithm cycled in her mind, failed, spontaneously blew up, then laughed at her. Dutifully, she crossed out her last few notes, then searched for a new piece of paper. Finding none, she stood and walked over to the printer, pulled out the tray and extracted a few pieces of A4 paper.

She lifted the fresh paper to her nose and breathed in the smell, the faint scent of toner, the lingering smell of electronics, the cleaning chemicals that had leaked through. They were all comforting, familiar smells. With fresh paper in her hands, fresh ideas began to form. Not that she was anywhere near exhausting her current batch, but many were immediately shot down by her fellow colleagues.

A scream flushed all ideas from her mind. Continue reading “03 – A Conversation”