Tag: James Mimosa

05 – Starlight

Stef winced as her hair was pulled back into a bun. Getting her hair ready for ballet was so different than getting ready to go shopping – shopping hair was this relaxed, serene experience where it was just all about her mother loving Stephanie. Ballet, on the other hand, was about her mother pushing Stephanie, challenging Stephanie, and wanting her… Read more →

37 – Daddy’s Little Girl

‘Everyone knows? Why does everyone know?’ Stef stood and stared down at Ryan, waiting for the explanation. ‘So many agents died,’ Ryan said. ‘How you survived became an obvious question.’ ‘And no one thought to lie?’ ‘Lie and say what?; he asked as he moved back up to the couch. ‘And people who did know about your experiment were disseminating… Read more →

28 – Breath

The door cracked open. Light invaded the dark room, hurt his eyes, made him focus. Curt looked up, unable to muster the strength to shield himself from the brightness. A man stood silhouetted in the doorway – Ryan. The agent stared down at him for a moment, then entered the room, and joined him on the floor. He lifted his… Read more →