26 – Bridge Room

‘You’ve never been here, have you?’ the hob asked as he casually swiped a hurricane lamp from a passing howler. ‘For an angel, you’ve got very little fae-stink on you.’

Ryan said nothing.

‘Did I hear you ask for four guards? Who you worried for?’

‘It’s for peace of mind,’ he said. It was a nice neutral answer that didn’t really answer the fae’s question, but he wasn’t there to answer questions, he was there to get answers. Continue reading “26 – Bridge Room”

41 – Seconds and Triplets

Stef’s eyes went wide as the bullet hit Enid – the other recruit glared, took a couple of stumbling steps, then fell. Her hand started to shake, and her arm soon joined it. Enid was still twitching, so she didn’t dare loosen the white-knuckle grip on the gun. She took a few slow steps toward Enid, trying to keep her mind blank.

‘I’m still alive, you stupid bitch,’ Enid spluttered. ‘Why the fuck-?’

She looked down at her handiwork, it hadn’t been a very good shot – the blood was pumping out, but it appeared to be a shot to the lung, rather than to the heart.

You really do need more practice. Continue reading “41 – Seconds and Triplets”

40 – Blackout

The Esc key felt terrible. It was the curse that came with using the keyboard as a pillow. Stef looked up, wondering where the giant fly was that had woken her. She sleepily required a larger-than-normal flyswatter before working out that the noise was coming from the roof.

Oh god, we’re being invaded. Hackers and laptops first!

Some semblance of sanity crept into her mind, and she turned to look at the her Frankie’s clock. The digits cut through her sleep-addled brain and she stopped looking for giant flies. It wasn’t a creature from a Z-grade sci-fi movie, it was a signal to be awake. Continue reading “40 – Blackout”

32 – Lost and Found

By Stef’s reckoning, at least thirty years had passed since she’d been left alone in the interrogation room. Or thirty minutes – there was a possible error in the factor of her calculation.

The bouncy ball still lay across the other side of the small room waiting for her to retrieve it. She continued to ignore it – it had left her, so there was no point in getting it back just so it could run away again. She had never been a proponent of the “let the balloon go” theory, hence why had always weighted hers down.

She pushed herself off the concrete floor and walked over to the door. She jiggled the handle and it moved – she stared at it for a moment, and then pulled it open. And was greeted by a brick wall with another small frosted window in it. ‘Stupid M-word building.’ She looked up at the roof. ‘You think this is funny, don’t you?’ Continue reading “32 – Lost and Found”

18 – Best Laid Plans

The recruit looked up at the cloudy night sky as, the faint starlight failing to provide enough illumination to stop her from stumbling in the mud. A thought could have had a torch in her hand, but she decided against it – she didn’t want to attact attention.

She got to the small clearing among the mangroves, her shoes sinking into the sucking mud. All logic said she should have been afraid – she was alone, with a huge beast in the trees above her. Its breathing was unmistakable, and he was there on time, quite a feat for a beast without a watch. Continue reading “18 – Best Laid Plans”

16 – Of Zeppelins and Chaos

Stef stared at her newly narc-ed self in the bathroom mirror, and made rough calculations as to how long she could hide in a bathroom without someone inquiring as to her medical condition. It’d been fifteen minutes already, she wasn’t sure that Ryan was enough of a gentleman to keep out of the ladies’ room.

For the thirty-eighth time she looked to the window, and sadly wasn’t able to convince herself that plummeting six stories and having to deal with grievous bodily harm was better than interacting with humans. Continue reading “16 – Of Zeppelins and Chaos”

07 – Responsibility

Ryan crouched and grabbed a hold of the corpse, closed his eyes and concentrated on shifting all of his recruits back to the infirmary. The Parkers were on him as soon as they appeared, picking up the body and putting it onto a gurney – the shorter of the two wheeled it away while his twin began to treat the others.

He caught one of his recruits, Enid, staring at the blood on his hands. ‘Sir, what did you do?’ Continue reading “07 – Responsibility”