Tag: Enid

26 – Bridge Room

‘You’ve never been here, have you?’ the hob asked as he casually swiped a hurricane lamp from a passing howler. ‘For an angel, you’ve got very little fae-stink on you.’ Ryan said nothing. ‘Did I hear you ask for four guards? Who you worried for?’ ‘It’s for peace of mind,’ he said. It was a nice neutral answer that didn’t… Read more →

40 – Blackout

The Esc key felt terrible. It was the curse that came with using the keyboard as a pillow. Stef looked up, wondering where the giant fly was that had woken her. She sleepily required a larger-than-normal flyswatter before working out that the noise was coming from the roof. Oh god, we’re being invaded. Hackers and laptops first! Some semblance of… Read more →