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05 – Operational Parameters

November 2nd Parker-1 took a moment to smooth his uniform, then stepped into the operating theatre. It was unusually full – Enforcer Crawford, Ryan, Jones and the patient-to-be: former recruit Mimosa. Annoyance leaked over the link. ^This is going to be interesting,^ his twin said. ^I’d still prefer to–^ Parker-1 shook his head. ^I’m her primary; I’m taking lead.^ ^You’ve… Read more →

01 – Impossible

Ryan stared at an impossibility. Enforcer Crawford’s monitor held an image of Stef, weeping in the corner of one of the holding cells. Only half-aware of his own movement, Ryan stood and reached out for her image – as if he could reach through the glass and provide some remote comfort. He felt wetness on his cheeks – he was… Read more →

05 – The Parameters of Duty

Ryan signed page four-hundred, initialled the next, and moved onto the next one. Every few minutes, a phrase would catch his eye, or there’d be a colourful balloon indicating a summary or an important project note. He didn’t have time to read them, but he stopped anyway. The document would decide how Stef’s life would be handled, even if he… Read more →