Tag: Dorian Gray

06 – Solstice

Stef chewed on her pancake, watching the new guy and his flawless infiltration of the code monkeys. He was slick, nowhere near Dorian’s level, but smooth all the same. Each name he was given, he seemed to immediately commit to memory – a worrying trait in and of itself. She pushed the lump of pancake to the roof of her… Read more →

05 – Unloading Questions

The smell of coffee permeated Stef’s dreams and dragged her into the waking world. On autopilot, she lifted a hand and groped for the coffee. Her higher brain, slower to wake than the part that recognised the smell of coffee, wondered why the coffee was coming to her, instead of the other way around. It was free though, so there… Read more →

48 – Grains

‘If you care to recall,’ Stef said. ‘I came here to get away from-’ ‘There’s no one else that could help you. You don’t know any fae, and three-quarters of them aren’t to be trusted in any case, who else do you have?’ ‘I came here so I could think. I’ve only been al-’ ‘I’m not trying to cause you… Read more →

46 – Pact

Stef knew the voice without turning around. ‘Didn’t know you had dibs on it. Jon said I could have it, he said he didn’t expect you.’ ‘I’m rarely expected, Spyder. I heard the news from his doctor, not from him, so he probably doesn’t know I’m here.’ She tapped her fingers on the disk. ‘So he really meant it when… Read more →

19 – Evening Stroll

Stef stared at the clock. Night. Night was for sleeping. Especially considering apparently she was going to be woken up only seven hours after midnight. Being awoken at such an hour – and being expected to function as well – gave the entire Agency a new spin. A sinister one. Punching the pillow until she imagined it crying for mercy,… Read more →