15 – Ashes, Gold and Soot

Stef looked up to Death, and gave a nervous smile.

Ryan was on his feet in a second, and bowing to Death. ‘My lady.’

She quickly followed suit, disappearing the Coke with a thought. Death smiled at them both, then her expression went serious. ‘Sit, please,’ she said, ‘and listen.’

They sat, and Death moved to the centre of the room. ‘What you’ve been told is true, but incomplete. They have two phoenix chicks.’

‘The eggs hatched?’ Ryan asked. Continue reading “15 – Ashes, Gold and Soot”

17 – New Old Moments

‘It’s been a week,’ Ryan said to the corpse as he opened the window. The curtains billowed and the light flooded the room, illuminating his pale recruit. ‘I thought you’d be-’ he stopped himself and sighed – there was no use in talking to her. It wasn’t a coma that could be broken by traditional means, and if the beacon lit by the heart couldn’t pull her back from wherever she had gone, then neither could a few simple words. He sat in the new chair at her desk – the desk that had practically replaced his own – it was his new office, it was one place Emma was sure not to look. Continue reading “17 – New Old Moments”

01 – Mirrorheart

Ryan stood staring at his recruit for a few moments, hoping that – despite the bloody wound in her chest – that she would simply look up, smile, and demand a cookie.

There was no moment in her body, nor was their any life in her veins – as his one hundred and thirty-seventh scan revealed. No pulse. No heartbeat, well, there couldn’t be – there was no heart left to beat. No air in her lungs.

She was dead. Continue reading “01 – Mirrorheart”

42 – Focus

Stef skidded to a halt when Ryan spun and, for what seemed to be the millionth time, aimed his gun at her, but with the image of her dead triplet still burnt into his mind, the tiny piece of metal didn’t seem to be so scary. She threw her hands up in the air. ‘It’s me, it’s me.’

‘Jones should have shifted you back by now.’ Continue reading “42 – Focus”