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Chapter 54

Curt opened his eyes. It his life had been a movie – A Series of Ever-Increasingly Terrible Mistakes, a Portrait of Curt O’Connor – he would have been in the dark, both literally and figuratively. He wouldn’t have known if he was nine or ninety, if he was in bed with a lover, or in a prison cell. Real life,… Read more →

Chapter 45

Curt moved through the Field Operations floor, barely aware of his movements. Everything was…strangely disconnected. As if deciding that today was the day he was going to die had already made part of his soul slip free of his body. As if whatever made him…him was already gone, and he was nothing more than impetus, instinct, and a few last… Read more →

Chapter 44

1pm, Thursday, Brisbane 3am, Thursday, Hyde Curt opened his eyes, unsure for a moment if he was truly awake, or if it was just another layer to the nightmare. Even with his Parker-approved pill, the sleep had been fitful, broken, and with nightmares even worse than normal. The usual nightmares were just a mishmash of horrific imagery – things that… Read more →

Chapter 39

Stef looked into her HUD again, and toggled some of her emotional display options again – now that he wasn’t touching her, there was no need for the fear response to be hidden. Emotions had never been easy, but when they literally sat as a control panel within your field of vision, at least choosing how your face reacted gave… Read more →

Chapter 38

The walk past the other dorm rooms was normal – the same looks, the same people looking right past him. Curt, for once, was grateful how much the other Field recruits hated him. If any of them had given a damn, they would have been able to tell something was wrong. Or…they would know what he had done, and would… Read more →

Chapter 02

Monday Morning Raz now knew one new empirical fact: spending the night with company definitely put a spring in one’s step. Up ahead, Screen’s door opened, and a woman of Amazonian proportions, with vines falling down her back like Medusa’s snakes, walked out and headed for the elevator. Screen saw him, beckoned him, and they exchanged high-fives as they headed… Read more →

Chapter 35

Curt slipped the gun into his pocket – the pocket of the stolen clothes – the pocket of the gifted clothes. Clothes that belonged to a Solstice. Clothes being worn by a Solstice. He managed to meet Magnolia’s eyes without betraying any emotion. If the world was spinning towards Duty, towards what was right, she would take out her knife… Read more →