Tag: Curt O’Connor

29 – Mission

Stef quick-stepped through the tech department, and hit the button for the elevator – which again, took exactly eight seconds before appearing. Requiring, she was used to, shifting, she was getting used to, the elevator on the other hand remained just as disconcerting as when she’d figured out that it was magic. She took the elevator down, back to the… Read more →

27 – Doublespeak

‘Nurg,’ Stef muttered as she knuckled the sleep from her eyes. The urge to go back to sleep was strong, but the strange urge to get up and do something was stronger. Damnit, knew they’d be programming me in my sleep. You’re paranoid, you know that, right? She pushed the blanket back, not bothering to be surprised that she was… Read more →

17 – Objectivity

Stef found the gym easily, aside from the fact that the doors were labelled, it was the biggest room she’d seen yet – even bigger than the warehouse testing room. Typical gym equipment occupied the middle of the room, to the left there was a shooting range set into the wall, and to the right was other equipment – sparring… Read more →