Chapter 59

Curt opened his eyes.

His mouth tasted like cotton, and all of his limbs felt sleep-dead, like he’d been asleep for-

‘Doc?’ he said, his voice dry, his mouth begging for water. ‘Doc, what the fuck?

Parker-2 sat on the bed, a hospital-issue plastic cup in his hand, a long straw slowly swaying as he held the cup. ‘Drink.’

Curt took the cup, but plucked the straw from the cup, and drank normally – embarrassment flaring as he felt the water slosh against his throat as he drank messily.

‘How long have I been asleep?’ he asked, knowing the answer was going to be far more than a night’s standard eight hours.

‘A few days,’ Parker-2 said. ‘I’ve been monitoring your fluids and feeding you via an IV line. You needed the time off, Recruit.’

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