04 – After the Wish

Everything was in slow motion.

Ryan felt his heart stop. Psychosomatic response or not, it jumped, stopped, then thundered in his chest, the sound booming in his ears, the only thing that was close to real. His eyes were betraying him, showing him something that couldn‘t be real; his skin betrayed him, letting him feel things he would never feel again; his nose betrayed him, her scent

Her lips brushed against his again, and she reached a hand to his bruised face. He winced at the pain…but it was real pain, a pinch woke a dreamer, and this proved it wasn‘t a dream. Continue reading “04 – After the Wish”

41 – Loss

Blood slid into the corner of his open mouth.

He wanted to spit, to get the taste of her blood out of his mouth, out of his system, out of his mind before it burnt into his memory, but his face was frozen. Muscles wouldn’t move, and it wasn’t just his face, his body had followed suit.

Sounds were a garble – he was sure that the Enforcer was talking to him now, or at least about him, as that was the process, it was the process, it was process, it was the process, it was- Continue reading “41 – Loss”

17 – New Old Moments

‘It’s been a week,’ Ryan said to the corpse as he opened the window. The curtains billowed and the light flooded the room, illuminating his pale recruit. ‘I thought you’d be-’ he stopped himself and sighed – there was no use in talking to her. It wasn’t a coma that could be broken by traditional means, and if the beacon lit by the heart couldn’t pull her back from wherever she had gone, then neither could a few simple words. He sat in the new chair at her desk – the desk that had practically replaced his own – it was his new office, it was one place Emma was sure not to look. Continue reading “17 – New Old Moments”