Tag: Carol Whitman

45 – Pain

October 15th   The bubbles of the Good Witch Glinda had always fascinated her – even despite the special effects technology of 1939. They had just looked…magical and perfect. Strong enough to carry a person, but ready to pop at a moment’s notice. Stef rested her back against the wall of the oubliette, and stared across at the princess –… Read more →

58 – Time and Again

Day One Stef lifted the end of her T-shirt and wrapped it up over her head, like the beginnings of a ninja hood, and stared down at her chest. The scar from the mirror’s entry still sat pink against her chest, refusing to go white like the rest of her old scars. It would, it just took time. And time,… Read more →

13 – Barriers

September 24th Ryan sat at his desk, the heels of his hands pressed into his eyes. Whatever relief the tank had brought in the morning, it had well and truly worn off. The oubliette key sat on his desk, as much an object of temptation as drugs to a recovering addict. He had to go back – he had to… Read more →

20 – Memories

Experiment: Day 2 September 25th Taylor hadn’t slept, that was obvious. Magnolia made sure her footsteps were heavy as she approached. He was perfect, he was infallible, he always knew where she was – this information though, could slip when distracted, or tired. Read more →

12 – Unequal Exchange

Ryan had expected the aftermath of a paperwork hurricane. He had expected his office asunder, piles of paper, good intentions and ink in all four corners, attempting to be tamed by an undertrained Aide and his little girl. The office was clean, in the same condition as he’d left it – or better, judging by the faint lemony smell of… Read more →