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The Importance of Imagination – 06

Ryan was careful to ignore the looks of some of his recruits as the pirate followed him back to his office. The stares weren’t impolite, just…incredulous. The sight was strange, to be sure, but in the Agency, strange sights were to be expected. Hook, for his part, said nothing to exacerbate the situation – he made no flourishes with his… Read more →

05 – Starlight

Stef winced as her hair was pulled back into a bun. Getting her hair ready for ballet was so different than getting ready to go shopping – shopping hair was this relaxed, serene experience where it was just all about her mother loving Stephanie. Ballet, on the other hand, was about her mother pushing Stephanie, challenging Stephanie, and wanting her… Read more →

47 – Reputations

[Come see me before the meeting?] Stef put a hand out to stop Curt from opening the door to the conference room, turned her hand and grabbed his shirt, then shifted them both to Ryan’s office. ‘You rang?’ she said, giving a less-than-convincing impression of Lurch. ‘I just wanted to warn you,’ Ryan said as he rose from behind his… Read more →