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21 – With a Flash

The secret stairs. Stef stared at the closed door, the door that looked like every other one – except it didn’t have a “You aren’t a person; you’re a number” number on it. They weren’t secret stairs; they were just classily concealed, but they still felt secret. Had felt secret. Had felt special. In light of everything that had happened,… Read more →

04 – Monster

Stef stared, bleary-eyed, trying to interpret the meaning of the symbols. They were numbers for sure – the position on the screen told her that they were the time. She wiped at her eyes, and a two slowly came into focus. Two in the morning, again; nothing achieved, again. Across the room, three of her fellow code monkeys had given… Read more →

43 – Heroes

Magnolia leaped up onto the scaffolding and began to climb – she could hear Taylor fighting on the roof above, alone. That was, of course, her fault – if she hadn’t been slow and weak, he never would have been able to get so far ahead. The screaming body of a Solstice fell past her and hit the ground with… Read more →

23 – Stardust

Astrin looked up from his meal as the wind whistled through the cracks of a building. It wasn’t a pretty sound, it was strained, hurt, and distorted by metal. Everything in this world was so harsh, so angled, so confined. It was an ugly world. Cities here were such ugly things. At night, the sky was filled with so much… Read more →

04 – 2am

The bleary digits on Stef’s screen informed her that it was two in the morning again. Across the room, three of her fellow code moneys had given up on the task at hand, instead deciding to form their own little LAN party. A quiet LAN party wouldn’t have been a problem. There was nothing distracting about a bunch of gamers… Read more →