28 – Reboot Camp

The tech department seemed so much more full of life than the Field floor. Large, flat-panel monitors streamed memes and videos. There were the standard emergency diagrams and such, but they were drowned out by schedules of a dozen different MMOs and P&P RPGS.

Stef grimaced as she bumped into Curt.

Warn me before stopping, next time.

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32 – Lost and Found

By Stef’s reckoning, at least thirty years had passed since she’d been left alone in the interrogation room. Or thirty minutes – there was a possible error in the factor of her calculation.

The bouncy ball still lay across the other side of the small room waiting for her to retrieve it. She continued to ignore it – it had left her, so there was no point in getting it back just so it could run away again. She had never been a proponent of the “let the balloon go” theory, hence why had always weighted hers down.

She pushed herself off the concrete floor and walked over to the door. She jiggled the handle and it moved – she stared at it for a moment, and then pulled it open. And was greeted by a brick wall with another small frosted window in it. ‘Stupid M-word building.’ She looked up at the roof. ‘You think this is funny, don’t you?’ Continue reading “32 – Lost and Found”