24 – Out of Sync

October 7th

Ryan slowly walked out of the park, trying to soak in as much of the quiet, relaxing atmosphere as possible before heading back to the stairs, and the inevitable shift to Zachary Street, and the sight of his son.

His feet clicked on a solar panel strip as he stepped from the park and onto the footpath – he let his gaze follow the blue line that ran the length of the street, up towards the closest bus stop. Continue reading “24 – Out of Sync”

74 – Burning

There was a hand on his chest, and he screamed. He spat more blood onto the agent, and wished that-


The voice cut through the fear for a second before he tried to crawl away again. Petersen liked to trick him. To make him hear familiar voices, to-

Strong hands held him and for a moment, he hoped this time they’d just-

‘Curt, look at me, please.’ Continue reading “74 – Burning”

22 – Old Endings, New Beginnings

Ryan knocked on the door. He focused on the small new experience, he’d been to the apartment dozens of times, nearly lived there the month Stef had been in suspension, and back and forth as much as he could in the small amount of time Carol had been back. So much time spent in the flat, but never once entering or leaving by the front door.

Carol opened the door. If he’d held out any hope for the situation, he would have taken it as a good sign. Hope was gone, and it was more cathartic than he could have imagined. There’d been no time to grieve for all the time lost, to take in what he’d done with Vink, how it had flown in the face of remaining faithful for two decades. No time to process just how much he’d enjoyed it. Any other circumstances, and he knew it would have taken weeks, even months to adjust. Continue reading “22 – Old Endings, New Beginnings”