Tag: Agent Williams

Chapter 57

Stef stared at Milla’s back, smiling as her HUD calculated the distances and angles between all of the freckles there. There was beauty to be had in a world that could be covered in tooltips at a thought. You always knew how warm it was outside, how far it was across your office, or how to perfectly turn your hand… Read more →

Chapter 43

The Hyde lobby was very different to the Brisbane lobby – smaller for a start, with the desk off to the right, and the elevators off to the left, instead of a central desk and elevators to the right. There was also no secretary. Her HUD clock disappeared for a moment, then reappeared, showing 11:27pm. Huh? Time zones, genius. Read more →

28 – Duty

Tian followed the agent’s scent out of Madchester and up into Manchester, across the park and to a pub. He pushed open the door – not seeing the agent that had invaded the court, just a local and a recruit holding a conversation with a dartboard whilst munching on chips. ‘I don’t serve goblins in here!’ the barman called. ‘Go… Read more →

26 – Bridge Room

‘You’ve never been here, have you?’ the hob asked as he casually swiped a hurricane lamp from a passing howler. ‘For an angel, you’ve got very little fae-stink on you.’ Ryan said nothing. ‘Did I hear you ask for four guards? Who you worried for?’ ‘It’s for peace of mind,’ he said. It was a nice neutral answer that didn’t… Read more →

24 – The Mad

Ryan looked up from the paperwork he was desperately trying to ignore. Paperwork he was doing in his real office for once – as much as he needed to avoid Emma, he needed to maintain some semblance of a normal routine. ‘Come,’ he said to whoever had knocked. The handle twisted and an agent, followed by a nervous recruit, walked… Read more →