Chapter 01

November 20th

There was a hand on her face.

Magnolia felt herself waking, ready to attack whoever had managed to catch her off-guard and-

The hand was familiar. Fingers she would have known, even with total amnesia. Knuckles that had bruised her countless times, dragging her further and further towards fighting fit and able to uphold the tenants of her duty.

Memory came flooding back.

Memories that couldn’t possibly be real.

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58 – The Love Story

Taylor had-

Magnolia whirled around, the walls of her bedroom seeming to swim, to become nothing but an indiscernible pink swirl. Nothing made sense. Everything made sense.

Taylor had tried to kill Mimosa.

Taylor had tried to execute a mistake, and now Ryan-

She stopped spinning, slammed her hands against the wall, and crashed onto her bed, unable to breathe. She required a tablet, and hit the button that lay in the centre of her default layout, and watched Taylor’s vital signs. He was alive. He was hurting, panicked, enraged, but he was alive.

He’d- He’d tried to kill Mimosa himself. He’d tried to-

He’d done it without her. She was his tool to be used, and he hadn’t even bothered to ask.

Somehow slowly, and all at once, her mind stopped swimming, and she sat up, calmer than she’d been in weeks; her mind sparkling with more clarity than in months.

She loved him; and he’d done the next closest thing to asking Ryan to recycle him.

She loved him; and he was never going to feel the same way.

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55 – Hair’s Breadth

November 20th

Stef stared, tears running down her face as Taylor tied a bandage around his arm. Confusion bit into the fear, hanging on like a mosquito, calming her enough to wonder about the act – she couldn’t see any blood, and she hadn’t been able to hurt him.

The act was keeping his attention away from her, though, so she kept as quiet as she could.

After a few seconds, he turned and ran from the cell.

This is not good. This is not good. This is not good.

Calm down, you won’t be able to do anything if-

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54 – Expected Danger

November 20th

Taylor kept his eyes on the punching bag.

Whitman was pacing around his gym, only visible when he wasn’t looking.

Mimosa was sitting on the bleachers, rolling her head from side to side, seemingly content to let Whitman be the active one.

He closed his eyes, and continued to count his punches, the blows doing nothing to calm him down.

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51 – Winding Down

November 19th

Magnolia felt the air whupf out of her lungs as she hit the floor for the third time, a foot on her stomach, and a fist inches from her face.

‘You’re slow today,’ Taylor chided, opening his fist, grabbing the front of her dress and hauling her to her feet.

‘Sorry sir,’ she said, requiring her hair back into a ponytail, and out of her face.

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50 – Training

November 19th

When the red digital letters on her bedside clock informed her that it was four AM, she rose, closed her workbook, and slipped into the bathroom. She stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower, the water warm immediately.

She pulled her hair from the loose bun she’d tied, and the warm water soak her, drowning out all thoughts of revenge, of duty, and of love. The warm water was something to focus on, a shower would have to replace the little sleep she usually got – that, and perhaps some strong coffee.

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