Tag: Agent Ryan

Chapter 38

The walk past the other dorm rooms was normal – the same looks, the same people looking right past him. Curt, for once, was grateful how much the other Field recruits hated him. If any of them had given a damn, they would have been able to tell something was wrong. Or…they would know what he had done, and would… Read more →

Chapter 33

Stef couldn’t stop shaking. The door to the room that held Grigori was twenty feet away. And inside, was a man who’d orchestrated things – unintentionally or not – for her to get tortured. She hugged her arms around herself and pressed her hands to her upper arms. She closed her eyes for a moment, then doubled over and puked… Read more →

Chapter 20

Stars wheeled overhead, filling her entire vision. Somewhere, far to the left, a purple nebula was blown by a solar wind, and a spiral galaxy spun, spinning countless stars around its central core. There was a small, polite knock, and Stef blinked. Slowly, she sat up, looking away from the science-magic ceiling of her bedroom, towards the door to her… Read more →

Chapter 18

Stef aimed her fork at the last piece of steak – for once, she’d managed to eat an entire meal, with only minimal spills on her uniform. Ryan dabbed at his mouth with a cloth napkin – something that was strangely formal, strangely high-class, considering the low-key dinner they were having in his office. ‘Stef.’ There was something in the… Read more →

Chapter 13

November 20th Stef tried to keep pace with Ryan, but his stupidly long legs – at least in comparison to hers – kept him a step ahead. Usually, he seemed to have no problem slowing his pace to keep down with her, but now he seemed…almost excited at the prospect of showing off her new office. It was situated a… Read more →

Chapter 05

November 20th The last time Ryan had taken her to meet recruits, she’d managed to hide in the bathroom for nearly twenty minutes. This time, Ryan was on her right, and Curt was on her left – the only option was to turn and run, but it was entirely likely that one or the both of them would catch her… Read more →

Chapter 04

November 20th There was a dust mote floating through the stream of sunlight. There were, in fact, three hundred and twenty-seven visible motes in the line of sunlight currently pouring morning into her eyes; and her HUD was tracking them all. Stef lifted a hand, disturbed the air currents, and squeed with glee as her HUD continued to track every… Read more →