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Chapter 09

November 20th Stef jerked awake. She wiped drool from the corner of her mouth, and sat up. Everything was how she’d left it – a semi-dark lab, Jones working on her code, and her hand blue. Everything was so exciting. Everything was so important. Everything was…kind of boring when there was nothing to do. ‘Can you at least screen share… Read more →

Chapter 02

November 20th Taylor shifted to Jones’ lab. The Scholar sat at one of his desks, an oversized pair of headphones over his head, a game on his screen. He stepped forward and growled. Recreational activities were allowed, so long as they didn’t interfere with duty. They were a waste of- Jones hadn’t reacted. He took a step forward. ‘Jones.’ The… Read more →

57 – Sweet Dreams

November 20th Stef was still in the tank of blue that wasn’t usually a fixture of Jones’ office. He watched her for a moment, glad that she was safe, happy, that she’d have a life. Ryan lifted his head, and saw Jones watching him from his desk. He walked to his tech agent, and placed a hand on his shoulder.… Read more →

49 – Damage

November 18th ‘Ryan,’ Jones said, ‘you need to go see her.’ ‘I was going to go down in a little while, there are-’ ‘Whatever you have to do, it can wait,’ the tech said. ‘Or if it can’t, give it to me to do. Nothing will fall apart if some papers go another hour or two unsigned. The city won’t… Read more →

29 – The Smallest Magic

November 12th There were three sharp knocks on Ryan’s door. He quickly scanned the outside, saw it was Grigori, then required it open. Ryan looked up from the recruit discipline report and saw the agent. He stood and shook the man’s hand before sitting back down and clearing his desk of paperwork. Grigori took the couch, a strange expression on… Read more →

21 – Progress

November 5th Ryan paused in his paperwork when Jones’ face appeared in his HUD. [Sir, could I see you for a minute?] [Of course,] he said. [What is it?] He placed his pen down and shifted to the tech’s lab. Jones ignored him for a moment while he crouched in one of the lab’s corners. He looked past the tech… Read more →

Not-So-Fantastic Voyage

This is a couple of days late; but Happy Birthday Shade!   Jones stood on the holodeck and stared at the half-constructed program. It was always so…gratifying to see it in this state, to see code flowing through half-formed trees like the Matrix had escaped into the real world. The visualization was an affectation, but it was one he adored… Read more →