18 – New Arrival


‘It seems we’re not alone, Agent.’

Ryan pulled himself out of his HUD, focused on Reynolds, then immediately began to look for signs of danger. There were no alarms – either within or without his HUD, automatic Agency defences had kicked in, everything was normal, so far as he could tell.

‘Sir?’ he asked as he stood. He pinged his weapon to ensure that it was there, and that he had spare ammunition, and quickly transferred all emergency protocols to his local storage, in case they were cut off from system access. Continue reading “18 – New Arrival”

15 – Contradiction

September 28th

Curt stopped walking as his headset made the tone indicating he had a new email – his Agency phone buzzed a moment later confirming this.

He took a quick left, and walked to the hall that overlooked the street – the wall beneath each window was shaped in such a way to allow a person to sit – or two recruits if they didn’t mind being close.

Continue reading “15 – Contradiction”

11 – The Beginning of Many Things

September 27th

Jane shivered slightly as the cool wind whipped around her exposed shoulders.

The sleeveless training top wouldn’t have been the best choice, given the weather, but she barely felt the cold. A quick choice in her HUD would have allowed her to ignore it altogether, but she enjoyed the crisp feeling across her skin.

It was a short jump, but she hesitated every time. Continue reading “11 – The Beginning of Many Things”