Tag: Agent Grigori

30 – Dinner Date

‘You’re wearing that?’ Grigori’s voice was disappointed, and full of playful scorn. Taylor looked from his friend down to his clothes. He was wearing his uniform. There was no error. There was no glitch. His clothes were acceptable. Grigori’s disappointed was outside parameters. ‘You,’ Grigori said, laying his hands on Taylor’s shoulders, ‘are not wearing that.’ ‘It’s my uniform,’ he… Read more →

29 – The Smallest Magic

November 12th There were three sharp knocks on Ryan’s door. He quickly scanned the outside, saw it was Grigori, then required it open. Ryan looked up from the recruit discipline report and saw the agent. He stood and shook the man’s hand before sitting back down and clearing his desk of paperwork. Grigori took the couch, a strange expression on… Read more →

28 – Old Friends

November 12th Taylor stood in front of one of his weapon caches, staring at the display of sharp, bladed instruments, calculating the ability of each to be thrown, or rather, to be thrown and to successfully hit a soft target. There was a soft intake of air behind him. Magnolia. He hadn’t detected the fade before she’s appeared. She was… Read more →

47 – Reputations

[Come see me before the meeting?] Stef put a hand out to stop Curt from opening the door to the conference room, turned her hand and grabbed his shirt, then shifted them both to Ryan’s office. ‘You rang?’ she said, giving a less-than-convincing impression of Lurch. ‘I just wanted to warn you,’ Ryan said as he rose from behind his… Read more →