Tag: Agent Emma

53 – Twitch

Stef stared through half-open eyes at the pea-soup-fog reality around her, everything was hazy, nothing cared to focus, even when it came close enough. Aside from the occasional needle-prick, she felt that she may as well be living in a marshmallow. ‘Oh god I don’t want to die in hot chocolate!’ a voice, that sounded rather like her own, shouted… Read more →

43 – Lie To Me

Ryan blinked, then scrawled his signature again, for the fifty-seventh time. After the first few dozen, all of the forms began to look the same, and he was barely registering what they were saying anymore. Reports, requisitions, information control, it was all everyday and it had all been done before. There was no logical cause to request an audit, it… Read more →

22 – Shriek

‘Recruit.’ Magnolia turned to see Edward, snorted, then turned back to the swinging punching bag. ‘Recruit, you’re next.’ ‘I don’t respect your authority,’ she said as she delivered a savage punch to the bag. ‘When my commanding officer tells me to do something, I’ll do it. You aren’t him.’ Read more →