53 – Twitch

Stef stared through half-open eyes at the pea-soup-fog reality around her, everything was hazy, nothing cared to focus, even when it came close enough. Aside from the occasional needle-prick, she felt that she may as well be living in a marshmallow.

‘Oh god I don’t want to die in hot chocolate!’ a voice, that sounded rather like her own, shouted .

There was another needle-prick and the relative marshmallow level increased. Continue reading “53 – Twitch”

43 – Lie To Me

Ryan blinked, then scrawled his signature again, for the fifty-seventh time. After the first few dozen, all of the forms began to look the same, and he was barely registering what they were saying anymore. Reports, requisitions, information control, it was all everyday and it had all been done before. There was no logical cause to request an audit, it was simply Emma abusing her power.

At least he wasn’t alone, Taylor sat across from him, nearly stabbing each page, Jones beside him, nodding along to some internally-played music, and Clarke at the head of the table, one hand initialing all of his paperwork, the other hand madly sending text messages. Continue reading “43 – Lie To Me”

42 – Edge of Existence

Stef waited until she was sure that she was alone before she turned to the back of the couch, pressed her face into it and screamed until her lungs burned. Balling her hands into fists and digging her short nails into her palms, she stood and walked toward her bathroom.

The bathroom was unchanged, unlike her organised wardrobe and now-alphabetised DVD collection. She rested both hands on the vanity and leaned heavily on them, staring at herself in the small, rectangular mirror. Continue reading “42 – Edge of Existence”

38 – Lonely Paladin

‘Here, Emma,’ Ryan said as he quietly placed the shard on the desk beside her mouse. ‘This is the last shard that’s left.’

‘Really didn’t think you’d have the balls,’ she commented as she ran a long finger over it. ‘What’d you do with the body?’

‘I used another piece of the mirror to deal with it,’ he said – it was the truth after all. Or a truth at least. ‘That way, there’s no paper trail.’ Continue reading “38 – Lonely Paladin”

22 – Shriek


Magnolia turned to see Edward, snorted, then turned back to the swinging punching bag.

‘Recruit, you’re next.’

‘I don’t respect your authority,’ she said as she delivered a savage punch to the bag. ‘When my commanding officer tells me to do something, I’ll do it. You aren’t him.’ Continue reading “22 – Shriek”

15 – Lessons Learned

Magnolia finished her circuits of the gym and quickly paced herself through a workout of twenty-five sit-ups, two dozen push-ups and a dozen crunches. It was nowhere near a full workout, but it had flexed her muscles at least a little – and any advantage she had was a little less pain she’d feel when Taylor was through with her. He’d ordered her to come to his gym, and that meant he needed a spar. Given his mood however, she wished she’d had a chance to prepare for at least a day in the infirmary. If he kept his promise, however, no amount of preparation would be enough. Continue reading “15 – Lessons Learned”

13 – Pitbull

Magnolia looked down at the small robot bumping into her foot – the small, comical-looking machine had a bag of popcorn attached to it, and a small sign instructing her to take some. She took a small handful, then lifted her feet so it could pass. She spared a smile at Merlin, who sat next to Jones, on the row above her. This far back in the bleachers, there was a lot of empty seats – most of the combat and field recruits were clustered in the first couple of rows, the rows that “may get covered in blood and body parts”. Continue reading “13 – Pitbull”