32 – Logging Out

Ryan jumped as a yellow hand reached through his chest. He shifted out of the room, and a ran an instant system inventory before he could calm down. He looked back through the door and saw her – another aspect, yellow this time. She fumbled with her drawer, opening yellow ghost-copies of the drawers that were there, and muttering to herself as she went.

He smiled for a moment, she was a lot closer to his Stef than the younger copy had been – this memory was recent, it had to be from the past few years. He wished Death was there – so far all of the aspects had been in sequential chronological order, starting from a very young child, to a teenager, up to a memory that was just shy of the inert girl lying five feet away. Either it was coincidence, or she was getting closer to waking up, and he hoped for the latter. Continue reading “32 – Logging Out”

05 – Invasion

Ryan shifted to his office and walked to his desk – despite all the work he had done throughout the day, even more paperwork had appeared in his “IN” tray. Something other than paperwork had also appeared in his office – there was a person in his chair – which was turned to face his window wall – but he ignored them, there were more pressing issues to tend to than uninvited guests. Continue reading “05 – Invasion”

33 – Cornered

‘Are you sure you won’t need coordination on this one?’

Ryan looked across the conference room table at Clarke. ‘We don’t anticipate much competition for the mirror – according to reports, Remington’s forces haven’t moved, neither have-’

‘Then who are you expecting?’

‘Opportunists, Solstice, and a leech.’

‘Two leeches.’ Continue reading “33 – Cornered”