Tag: Agent Clarke

Chapter 40

Clarke stood by the windows of the conference room, a thin trail of smoke leading up from his cigarette as he tapped on his phone. ‘Um,’ Stef said as she closed the door. ‘You wanted to see me?’ Clarke lifted his head, tilted it to the left, then turned halfway towards her. ‘You’re not even going to throw a “sir”… Read more →

47 – Reputations

[Come see me before the meeting?] Stef put a hand out to stop Curt from opening the door to the conference room, turned her hand and grabbed his shirt, then shifted them both to Ryan’s office. ‘You rang?’ she said, giving a less-than-convincing impression of Lurch. ‘I just wanted to warn you,’ Ryan said as he rose from behind his… Read more →

28 – Breath

The door cracked open. Light invaded the dark room, hurt his eyes, made him focus. Curt looked up, unable to muster the strength to shield himself from the brightness. A man stood silhouetted in the doorway – Ryan. The agent stared down at him for a moment, then entered the room, and joined him on the floor. He lifted his… Read more →

43 – Lie To Me

Ryan blinked, then scrawled his signature again, for the fifty-seventh time. After the first few dozen, all of the forms began to look the same, and he was barely registering what they were saying anymore. Reports, requisitions, information control, it was all everyday and it had all been done before. There was no logical cause to request an audit, it… Read more →