14 – Table Talk

Stef slammed the door to the warehouse shut, just to make sure that the hob wasn’t chasing her with the intention of turning her into hacker kebabs. She was fairly sure that he wasn’t, but there was nothing wrong with having a barrier between them. She leaned back against the door, hoping that it wasn’t going to burst into a… Read more →

10 – Recruitment

Ryan had to smile – though the ease of her recruitment was unsurprising, it was still a rare pleasure for new recruits to be so openly excited at the prospect. More often, it was a case of “yeah, sure, whatever” or “how much do I get paid?” or “anything, so long as it keeps that six-armed-hippo-beast away”. Stopping an angry… Read more →

06 – Maestro

Stef chewed on her pancake, watching the new guy and his flawless infiltration of the code monkeys. He was slick, nowhere near Dorian’s level, but smooth all the same – each name he was given, he seemed to immediately commit to memory – a worrying trait in and of itself. She pushed the lump of pancake to the roof of… Read more →

05 – Monsters

The smell of coffee permeated Stef’s dreams, and dragged her into the waking world. On autopilot, she lifted a hand and groped for the coffee. Her higher brain, slower to wake than the part that recognised the smell of coffee, wondered why the coffee was coming to her, instead of the other way around. Then again, when it came to… Read more →