02 – …—…




I can’t-





Is this thought?

Has to be, can’t be asking a question without thought.

I’m thinking again. I think that stopped for a while. I think. I think. I think. Why does this feel so good, so strange, no…

No. You’ve got it wrong. This doesn’t feel like anything.

Nothing, there’s nothing. I’m not feeling anything. Oh god.


Oh gods.

Say it, Spyder, it’s not real unless you say it.

Exactly why I’m not gonna say it!

Say it, Spyder.

I’m dead, aren’t I?

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  1. And here comes the crazy. That would be a tough one to admit.

    Also there is no next button to this from the first chapter.

    • …but knowing me, my schedule is all over the place, but it’ll be at least one chapter per week (I promise not to update spam, I promise not to update spam..)

    • I’m new here, I silently enjoyed all of mirrorfall, and after seeing some of your quite lengthy updates I have one question.

      You’re not drawing this one out, after the size of some of those internal conflicts, and inside conversations getting out. Your not going to turn into Tribe with updates of exactly 333 words every time are you?

      As good as tribe is, its update style doesn’t fit your world, although the magic hidden among reality does fit quite well.

      • Oh no, I used to do the short updates (the first version of MF was 500-words-a-day), I don’t like doing the short updates (unless I’m writing Birdybirdy chapters, in which case it fits).

        These chapters, the …—… chapters, are designed to be this long, but are uploaded with a regular chapter at the same time (you weren’t cheated, ’cause MH #1 was over 3k), they’re a little bonus in their own way, but they can’t be integrated into the text of the main chapter, as they don’t really fit.

        So no need to worry, the chapters are staying nice and long. ^_^

        • … you had me worried.

          I wish tribe would update more often; although this last thing about Laurie doesn’t seem that good…

          • …the only thing you need to be worried about is whether or not I can stop myself from uploading a 7k chapter (most likely I’ll break it into two).

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