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I take it back!

Are you listening? I take it back! With a genie you get to use a wish to reverse the other wishes. You learn your lesson, then reset the status quo.

I take it back.

Now let me the hell out of here.

Waiting. Seriously. Let me out of here.

I am totally convinced that this is due to some messed up wish and not because there were really sharp shards of magic glass flying at my body that can probably rip straight through flesh and leave nothing but mushy red stains behind.

Totally convinced.


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  1. … Death said it was up to Stef to find her way. At the pace she’s going, she won’t find it unless it slaps her in the face. Really, can’t she do some something productive to help her find the beacon, and get back into her bloody body, and then require a cookie, and then give Ryan a hug?

      • T_T

        I shall send my army of potato peeler-bearing mercenaries to peel you!

        Or maybe I should send them to Stormy instead. Hmmm…

          • If I send them to AL13N, it’s for peeling purposes. If I send them to you, it’s more like an incentive (aka writefasterwritefasterwritefasterwritefasterorwe’llpeelyoutodeathO_O) ^_^

          • …to write with no compy, and doing long stetches of typing on the netbook is annoying (mainly because of the position of the ‘ key and my propensity for dialogue).

            But if it makes it any better, there is some very cool stuff coming up. ^_^ (And more Madchester content!).

          • Still no compy? :( I’m sorry to hear that… at least you have a smaller and weirder version to typety-typety on.

            Require: laptop power cord for Stormy.
            Not working.
            Shut up. Require: laptop power cord for Stormy.
            You’re not a MF character, genius.
            A girl can dream, no?

            And btw, did you manage to look at that thing I sent you?

          • …get a new one this week, I just kind of spent my money on Father’s Day stuffs last week (slightly more important than something for myself).

            And yus, I did. ^_^ I just haven’t had the time/resources to actually write out a decent reply, but for the moment, I’ll say this: your fears were ungrounded, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. :)

    • You know her, she’s kind of slow off the mark.

      …what I can say: it’s not quite so nice as a slap to the face that begins everything…

      • I wouldn’t say slow, more like she gets distracted easily. Like a dog seeing a squirl and stops listening to you and goes after it, or a kid that sees all the candie and will not listen anymore.

        And yeah Stef is a bad liar.

        • Like a dog seeing a squirl and stops listening to you and goes after it, or a kid that sees all the candie and will not listen anymore.
          That’s pretty much Stef to a “T”. ^_^

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