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I promised you a State of the Cookie address after the survey, and it seems as though answers have stopped dribbling in, so we’re going to go with these responses and feedback, and go from there. Once again, if you participated, I’d like to take this chance to thank you, as this has helped us make some decisions about moving forward.

Serial vs. Ebook

The winner here was both (47%), followed by serial-only (35%). This is about what I expected, and buoys my dedication to doing more regular site content (see further down for news on that).

Purchasing ebooks

There was a tie here: 40% Sometimes and 40% No. That’s a slightly higher “No” percentage than I expected – feel free to give me feedback on my book prices, etc. All books are available at all major outlets – is there other places you’d like to see them for sale, would you like to buy them directly, your feedback is welcome. 🙂

Aware of the ebook-exclusive content

47% No? Ok, this is making me feel as though I’m failing a little bit in communicating what’s available.

Currently available [] we have:

Blue Rhapsody: This has now been serialised, but it started as an ebook exclusive.
Legacy: This has now been serialised, but it started as an ebook exclusive.
Mirrorfell: Takes place on the night of the mirrorfall, a short Mags and Taylor adventure.
Daisy Chain: The Valentine’s special from last year – a story of Mags and her wife.
Fragility: This has now been serialised, but it started as an ebook exclusive.

We also have a couple of newsletter-exclusive pieces, available at the links here:

I tend to announce these on the site, the Facebook and the newsletter (I’d also love to know where you primarily get your cookie news, so feel free to reply or comment with that).

Types of Social Media

Facebook will stay our main social media outlet – Twitter will no longer get any exclusive content (we tried some stuff last year, which didn’t get any traction – however, this content is going to be rebooted as content on the site – both as Question Monday and one of our new features – more below). I think we’ll call reddit a failed experiment, and we won’t be updating that any further.

Participation in RP

62% of you haven’t participated in either of the previous RPs.

52% Maybe want to participate in an upcoming session.

Long-form won over one-shots – 57% vs. 42%.

The long-form vs. short-form is the one point where I’m going to depart from the majority. We’re going to restart the RP (I’m going to do a separate newsletter doing the proper announcement for this, but consider this your first glimpse).

The forums have been brought back, and there’s a place to claim your character, and a preview of our new character tables/boards that will hold your stats and avatar during all of your posts. At the moment, there’s just the common rooms for you to hang about in, but never fear, content is coming.

We’re going to go with short-form/one-shot scenarios to start with. Basically how this will work is:

We will write up an intro/flash fic/”you are here” style post, you then copy this, create your own thread, and react to it as your character.

The first few that I have planned will be recruit-in-a-sim scenarios, so that you can get used to the format – the first three, in fact, will be getting your Tech/Field/Combat scored (as graded by Jones, Ryan and Taylor – well, more likely Mags).

These give you a chance to play, for us to gauge interest, and to let everyone dip their toes into RP without having to commit to a long-form game, which may not be possible, due to work/family commitments – there is honestly no stopping a newbie who discovers us in 2017 from going through and running all the sims, and getting the same experience as someone who runs them when they first come out.

The other cool thing that I’m hoping to do, though this is more of a long-term goal, is for the RP recruits to eventually become a kind of tertiary cast for the books – in the same way that I have given a few people cameos (I’m looking at you, studious tree; and sleepy quoll), I think it would be great to be able to have Jones (for example) call out to Recruit Bob, who has an established love of obscure rock music, as we’ve seen in the fifty threads he’s been a part of.

It would be a real, tangible way of becoming part of the story, and I think – from how people have usually enjoyed the RPs – that this is something that appeals to a good number of you. 🙂


69% No on Amazon []

81% No on WFG []

It’s a little dramatic to say that authors live and die by reviews, so I’ll say something closer to the truth: reviews give us warm fuzzies that cannot be generated by any number of kittens.

They’re also instrumental for future growth – more reviews means more people finding the site, and more people hooked on the adventure of the crazy girl and her dirty shoes.

WFG is incredibly important to this – it’s the main serial archive, and we get new people clicking through every day from it, and reviews contribute to that visibility – particularly those reviews that make it to the front page.

I would appreciate so, so much if you could click through, make an account (I know, I know, making an account is annoying, but I’m asking nicely), and leave a review – if you’ve previously reviewed on Amazon, feel free to copy/paste; otherwise, just spend a hundred, two hundred, or a thousand words telling people how addictive Cookie can be.


To those who support me: it’s appreciated more than you can know.

To those for whom it’s not financially feasible, I never want you to feel guilty when you see my Patreon/PayPal links and can’t donate. Commenting, reviewing, or just shooting the shit with us on Facebook makes me smile just as much.

For the don’t use Patreon/would prefer PayPal people – there’s now a PayPal link at the end of every chapter.


I hate these too, and most of the comments seem to reflect that. The only Paywall content I’ll consider will be RP-related, and even then, it’ll likely be “donation suggested” or based on merit/XP/participation, rather than money.

New Content

MondayQuestion Monday – a feature we started last week.

TuesdayNew Chapter day for a short story or Novella.

Wednesday – New RP Scenario time! {This will begin in April.}

ThursdayAgency Chat Logs – this begins May 5th!

Friday – This will remain our main New Chapter day.

At current, we have nothing planned for the weekends. I’d love to expand into these days, but for now, we are concentrating on scheduling content for our existing days, so that we can provide a consistent experience for you.

To give you an idea of how far out we’re covering ourselves:

Monday: We’re good until November, and I still have more to post.

Tuesday: …ok, only eight more chapters of Blue Crescendo available, but I have things in the pipeline.

Wednesday: We will have content ready and prepped for our April start.

Thursday: We have the first 20 scheduled.

Friday: I’ve already begun scheduling chapters for the next book.

All in all, Recruits, 2016 is looking pretty shiny, and I hope you’re along for the ride.

The 2016 Survey!
RP Annoucement

  9 comments for “State of the Cookie

  1. raven
    March 14, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    Stormy the only reason why i don’t buy the eBooks is simply cause there’s no uk compatibility for my kindle app. my laptop is region specific

    • Stormy
      March 14, 2016 at 6:07 pm

      They should be available on

  2. raven
    March 14, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    found them. gee i must have been having a bad day if i managed to miss them.

    • Stormy
      March 15, 2016 at 6:40 am

      I get in the habit of checking .com, and due to the licencing restrictions on some stuff I want to buy.

      EG: “No, I don’t want the $99 hardcover, I just want the goddamn ebook, sell it to Australia already!”

  3. raven
    March 16, 2016 at 9:35 am

    well my kindle stuff is on my PC so amazon can restrict downloads cause of region. but it isn’t usually a problem for eBooks.

    • Stormy
      March 17, 2016 at 12:49 pm

      Amazon just must hate Oz then. :/

  4. May 7, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    I missed this poll…U don’t really understand what this site is or who all is involved…I stumbled on it as I was looking for Grace McDermott’s Twitter handle (can’t find it).

    But FYI, I adore Mirrorfall and Mirrorheart! I bought them on my Kindle. When I went to find more, I dound it annoyingly UNFINISHED, in serial post form. I hate this. I CANNOT REMEMBER to go check stes. I want to read a book and be done! I want more ebooks, please!

    Oh, and I always eeview on goodreads, but I am not sure I put any up on amazon. I can check on that.

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