4 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Stormy!”

    1. ZOMG! HAI U!!! I’ve been great, the rewrite’s been hard in parts (hence why it’s been lagging in the middle), but stuff’s been great. Like the new site? :3 It’s better than the old WP layout, wouldn’t you agree?

      Updates coming soon, maybe another chapter tomorrow, I’m sick at the moment, so I’m not try to let my (frankly awesome) fever dreams invade canon, at least not yet.

      1. better layout may all be nice and fine, but i would like some kind of link to the latest chapter. (also Birdy ‘s story appears to have only 6 chapters, while it clearly does not.) Most importantly, a way for readers to tell which story is updated; the easiest way is in fact to put a link to the latest chapter noting the time of posting.

        1. In the next version of the site, the chapter listings will update automatically, instead of relying on my lazy bum to do it.

          But for now, both have been updated – and the last ten posts are always on the front page, even if they aren’t in the chapter listings.

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