Become an Agent of the Lost

Become an Agent of the Lost

Okay, so in the next book (The Importance of Imagination, Require: Cookie, 5.1) I need to create a small role for a new character for our Agency personnel to interact with while they’re working on the case.

The Lost, for anyone who needs a reminder, are the fae Court of imaginary friends – they care for abused kids, sometimes by being there for them, and sometimes by spiriting them away to where they’ll be safe.

This small role will be (well, what I’m planning anyway) will be somewhere between an administrator and an aide-de-camp – the role will probably last a couple of chapters, though probably won’t recur after this book (though…I’ve said that about a few other characters).

You’ll be consulted on your look, race and maybe a bit of the dialogue. Overall, it’s just a fun way to become a part of the Cookie canon.



After running through a few idea suggestions, we’re running with “review farming” – you’ll get one entry for each review that you link as a reply to this post. These can be reviews you’ve done in the past, or reviews you write right now.


I’m going to leave it open until August 12th – that’s when Finding a Signal finishes, so it seems like the right date to do it. 🙂


Review on Web Fiction Guide.

Review on GoodReads.

Review on Amazon.

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