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Vincent One-shot for October 21

Vincent fell out of bed. It was about 9 in the morning. That wasn’t a bad time to be awake. Vincent looked out the window, and thought about the color pink, for some reason. He wandered around his room a bit, when his phone pinged. He required a headset. “Vincent! Hey, it’s Director Wraith. We’ve got a situation in California… Read more →

TL;DR: Gimme your money

So here’s the deal. I’ve been out of work for two months now – I’m approaching somewhere in the vicinity of 700 jobs applied for (and that’s just the ones my email filter catches), and I’m reaching my panic point. With the way the job market is, there’s 200-500 applicants for every job out there (so say my recruitment agencies),… Read more →

08 – New Home

Within five minutes, Jones had confirmed Raz was happy with the lab coat and had issued him his first set of goggles. Hands shaking with all the fear, excitement, and trepidation his body could manage, Raz followed Jones through one of the tech floors – this one dedicated to the laboratory work. ‘Technically you can use any of the labs.… Read more →