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23 – Hush, Hush

Experiment: Day 10 October 3rd Taylor reached his four-hundredth push-up, then started the count again. There were no unusual sounds in the gym. This was expected. This met parameters. Nothing to indicate attack. Nothing to indicate that steps needed to be taken. There was the sound of fabric moving two-point-seven metres to his left. Expected. Magnolia shifting in her sleep. Read more →

22 – Maelstrom

Experiment: Day 7 September 30th The world seemed to spin as the elevator descended. Curt put a hand against the cool metal of the elevator wall. It was nowhere near as bad as Magnolia’s fade to the hell under Queen Street, but it was pretty bad. Panic crawled around his heart like a living thing. Read more →

20 – Memories

Experiment: Day 2 September 25th Taylor hadn’t slept, that was obvious. Magnolia made sure her footsteps were heavy as she approached. He was perfect, he was infallible, he always knew where she was – this information though, could slip when distracted, or tired. Read more →

19 – Things Said and Unsaid

Experiment: Day 1 September 24th ‘That is one big pile of shit.’ This cage was the biggest Stef had seen yet, but it wasn’t the creature inside that held her attention, but its leavings. The pile of faeces was as tall as she was, and could definitely take her in a fight. She pulled her gaze away from the brown… Read more →

18 – Observations

Experiment: Day 1 September 24th A large Plexiglas enclosure took Stef’s attention. There were large shapes moving inside – multiple freaks in the one cage, this was something different. She came to within five feet of the enclosure and stopped, frozen to the spot by the inability to comprehend what she saw. Her mind reeled. Her stomach turned. She vomited. Read more →