Category: Short Stories

09 – New Dreams

Raz leaned against the wall that held the letterboxes and stared up at the sky, his mind drifting as easily as if he were blasting speed metal into his ears. The bedsit had been “home” – for the given quotient of “home” – for the last few years, and already that felt as though it was quickly becoming a thing… Read more →

08 – New Home

Within five minutes, Jones had confirmed Raz was happy with the lab coat and had issued him his first set of goggles. Hands shaking with all the fear, excitement, and trepidation his body could manage, Raz followed Jones through one of the tech floors – this one dedicated to the laboratory work. ‘Technically you can use any of the labs.… Read more →

06 – Newer World

Sleep had initially seemed impossible, but with a belly full of pizza, he’d slept like a baby until four in the morning. Even that early, there was the occasional bit of traffic noise, the bleeding clues of living so close to the city. The headphones were back in his phone. If they were going to release some kind of noxious… Read more →

04 – Scientific Method

The headphones didn’t tangle. It had taken ten days for Raz to notice, but they didn’t tangle. All of the usual crumpling and tangling and shoving into pockets…none of it tangled the cord. There were never any knots to get out, no tense moments of wondering if this was the time they were going to break. Even knots that he… Read more →

Legacy – 07

December 31st, 1899 He was awake, but he didn’t open his eyes. Rhys let his fingers touch the sheets, drinking in the sensation of the last time he would ever sleep in a bed. The last touch of morning sun on his face. The last peaceful moment before death. Eyes still closed, he ran a diagnostic, ensuring that all his… Read more →

Legacy – 06

December 25th, 1899 He walked up the path, his boots scuffing against the flat stone, his nose picking up the scents of roasting meat, vegetables, and desserts. A Christmas feast, for those who celebrated. Julia stood in the doorway, a plain cotton dress covering her body – one she had brought with her, not one she had purchased after taking… Read more →

Legacy – 05

December 16th, 1899 Rhys stopped his hands as Julia placed hers over his. She gave him a quick, cheeky smile, then began to undress him herself. She pulled away his belt, then loosened his pants, much to the relief of his already-hard manhood as it was freed from its tight prison. She saw this and went to her knees, lavishing… Read more →

Legacy – 04

December 16th, 1899 Julia drew in a sharp breath as she came back into one piece – even after dozens and dozens of times, there was still something profoundly disturbing about being taken from one place to another, drawn through the world like a rabbit from a hat. She checked the lock on her door, then opened the window. Her… Read more →