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Legacy – 07

December 31st, 1899 He was awake, but he didn’t open his eyes. Rhys let his fingers touch the sheets, drinking in the sensation of the last time he would ever sleep in a bed. The last touch of morning sun on his face. The last peaceful moment before death. Eyes still closed, he ran a diagnostic, ensuring that all his… Read more →

Legacy – 06

December 25th, 1899 He walked up the path, his boots scuffing against the flat stone, his nose picking up the scents of roasting meat, vegetables, and desserts. A Christmas feast, for those who celebrated. Julia stood in the doorway, a plain cotton dress covering her body – one she had brought with her, not one she had purchased after taking… Read more →

Legacy – 05

December 16th, 1899 Rhys stopped his hands as Julia placed hers over his. She gave him a quick, cheeky smile, then began to undress him herself. She pulled away his belt, then loosened his pants, much to the relief of his already-hard manhood as it was freed from its tight prison. She saw this and went to her knees, lavishing… Read more →

Legacy – 04

December 16th, 1899 Julia drew in a sharp breath as she came back into one piece – even after dozens and dozens of times, there was still something profoundly disturbing about being taken from one place to another, drawn through the world like a rabbit from a hat. She checked the lock on her door, then opened the window. Her… Read more →

Legacy – 03

December 16th, 1899 Rhys stood by his table, ensuring that every element was in place. It wasn’t often that he negotiated from a weak position, but there was nothing that could be done, and it left him feeling…uncomfortable. The bag sat beside his chair. The wine had been poured. He smoothed his shirt, his jacket and the majority of his… Read more →

Legacy – 02

December 15th, 1899 The daylight hours were his quietest. Rhys sat at his worktable, an abandoned whetstone to his left; a book a of obscure hobbish phrases to his right. The worst of the fae stayed out of sight during daylight hours; and during the day, the humans made at least attempts to protect some, if not all, humans. During… Read more →

Legacy – 01

December 1st, 1899 It was almost always hurried. Only a few of the girls were confident enough to linger with him in the darkness, to chance being alone with the monster that protected them from monsters. Most of them preferred clients who didn’t have dried blood on their cuffs and collars. He could set his uniform to clean itself automatically… Read more →