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Chapter 05

Wednesday Morning ‘I can’t believe the Agency doesn’t have any cars here,’ Troy said lounged on Raz’s shoulder, as small and light as a doll. ‘You guys are supposed to rule the world or something, and you don’t have any cars stashed on the road to Joxy?’ Read more →

Chapter 02

Monday Morning Raz now knew one new empirical fact: spending the night with company definitely put a spring in one’s step. Up ahead, Screen’s door opened, and a woman of Amazonian proportions, with vines falling down her back like Medusa’s snakes, walked out and headed for the elevator. Screen saw him, beckoned him, and they exchanged high-fives as they headed… Read more →

Chapter 01

Monday Morning Raz opened his eyes, the panic disappearing from his throat as he took in the feel of the Agency sheets under his skin. Required sheets. Required bed. Everything so much nicer than it had been in his crappy little bedsit. The air was clean. The air was always clean. It always so comforting: the faint scent of air… Read more →

11 – On and Forever

Raz leant back as the pointy-eared waitress put down the tray of drinks, then slipped a card towards Sacha before leaving. ‘A number,’ Screen asked, ‘or a voucher?’ Sacha flipped the card around and grinned. ‘Both.’ ‘Jesus, Sach,’ Screen said, leaning her head against his shoulder. ‘Could you possibly get any more tail?’ Read more →

10 – Measure of a Man

A chirping tone caused Raz to look up from his microscope. It wasn’t a call, and it wasn’t the usual email/text alerts. He lifted his phone and saw a Vox alert on his home screen. Different to the usual displays, this one was in a larger box, with a message to attend a meeting, and a button asking him to… Read more →

09 – New Dreams

Raz leaned against the wall that held the letterboxes and stared up at the sky, his mind drifting as easily as if he were blasting speed metal into his ears. The bedsit had been “home” – for the given quotient of “home” – for the last few years, and already that felt as though it was quickly becoming a thing… Read more →

08 – New Home

Within five minutes, Jones had confirmed Raz was happy with the lab coat and had issued him his first set of goggles. Hands shaking with all the fear, excitement, and trepidation his body could manage, Raz followed Jones through one of the tech floors – this one dedicated to the laboratory work. ‘Technically you can use any of the labs.… Read more →