Category: Book 03 – Mirrorshades

49 – Damage

November 18th ‘Ryan,’ Jones said, ‘you need to go see her.’ ‘I was going to go down in a little while, there are-’ ‘Whatever you have to do, it can wait,’ the tech said. ‘Or if it can’t, give it to me to do. Nothing will fall apart if some papers go another hour or two unsigned. The city won’t… Read more →

47 – Bedside Manner

November 17th Curt hesitated outside of Ryan’s office. He couldn’t linger long – the agent would know he was there. He’d already run a holding pattern around the entire field floor – from the dorm rooms, to the common room that was pretty exclusively used for sex. He lifted a hand to knock, but Ryan opened the door, and quietly… Read more →

45 – Tank Time

November 17th Magnolia watched as the girl was unceremoniously thrown into the tank, her small body splashing water out of the tank, and over the nearly naked Agent Grigori. The blond agent stood there, completely comfortable in what amounted to a very short pair of swimming trunks and a small towel over his broad shoulders. He leaned against the tank… Read more →

43 – Homecoming

November 16th Stef opened her eyes. The air smelt fine again. The temperature was right again. And…her pillow her returned. She rolled over and stared at it – unsure if she had retrieved it without realising it, if it had fought the good- She froze, thoughts of where she had just been in her head, thoughts of…bad thoughts in her… Read more →

41 – Break

Magnolia stood in the doorway of the gym, observing the…observing Mimosa. Recruit. Agent. Experiment. Threat. Nerd. All of the terror and threat that Mimosa represented was wrapped in a tiny body that lay on the blonde wood of Taylor’s gym, shivering like she was going through withdrawal. Tarry Apples did various things to various fae races; but to agents, it… Read more →