45 – Pain

October 15th


The bubbles of the Good Witch Glinda had always fascinated her – even despite the special effects technology of 1939. They had just looked…magical and perfect. Strong enough to carry a person, but ready to pop at a moment’s notice.

Stef rested her back against the wall of the oubliette, and stared across at the princess – who definitely wasn’t in another castle.

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55 – Insult and Injury

No one bothered him when he used the corner of the gym.

Curt stretched his arms high above his head, cleared his mind, then started to do squats.

The gym was fairly quiet this time of day – well between scheduled training, and the voluntary, scheduled sessions that his peers coordinated.

Most would listen to music, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that – if he was distracted, then it was all the more likely that someone would creep up on him. That Petersen would shift in and-

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54 – Language and Meaning

The cafe was large, airy, and had a living nymph providing live flower arrangements as performance art, set to quiet, inoffensive pop music.

‘I am never going to get over how cool the world is,’ Stef said as she sat down. She hesitated as she looked at the window. ‘Hey, um, a window seat didn’t work out so well last time.’

Ryan smiled as he handed her a menu. ‘So don’t order ice-cream.’

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60 – Signal to Noise

Curt loved the Local Court in the early hours of the morning – it was quiet, the only people around were those opening their stores, or coming through from Fairyland for their rides to regular jobs – whether it was by pre-arranged taxi, or crow.

Getting the weekly liaison package was a task he’d gladly accepted early in his recruit career, once Ryan had trusted him enough to leave the building.

He held his phone in his hand, ready to hit accept in case any Rose Room invites popped up, though requests for casual sex this time of morning were pretty rare – most commuting fae took care of themselves before leaving home, and would avail themselves of their workplace hookers if needed after their morning coffee.

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