Category: Book 04 – The Grey Edge 2.0

51 – Last Defense

Taylor opened his eyes. There was an arse floating above him. It was a nice arse. Still, it had no reason to be floating five feet off the ground. ‘Magnolia.’ She turned over to look at him, her head resting on folded arms that rested on nothing but air. ‘You’re floating,’ he said. ‘Not on purpose, sir.’ He sat up,… Read more →

49 – The New Regime

The Grey Edge: Chapter Forty-Nine ‘I’m your lawyer, it’s not my job.’ Mordred heaved the empty bottle of Jack in the vague direction of the used-up sleeping whores. It hurt too much to aim. Hurt too much to think. Hurt too much to do anything other than pickle his brain with cheap alcohol. Another stream of magic shot from his… Read more →

48 – Mending

The Grey Edge: Chapter Forty-Eight Shift. Shift to safety. Shift to safety. Shift to safety. You’re already safe, genius. Not far enough away. Totally not far enough away. He could probably still smell her. Shift to safety. Shift far away. Shift to the strange and mysterious land of Canada. Why is Canada always your go-to spot? I dunno. The chair… Read more →