Category: Book 05 – Oubliette 2.0

81 – Mirror, Mirror

Curt dumped the half-empty duffel bag onto the bed. Packing was easy enough. Over a year of living in fear, of not wanting to seem comfortable, of expecting to die. Over a year not decorating his room, not requiring things to keep for more than a few hours meant there was very little that he needed to take. Almost everything… Read more →

79 – One Small Stef

‘This is totally the wrong roof,’ Stef said. Ryan squeezed her hand. ‘I know,’ he said as he looked around the Agency roof. ‘But it’s safer to do it from here.’ She looked across the evening sky, towards the roof where they’d stood to watch Dajulveed’s phoenix, then shook her head. ‘Ok. Ok.’ The red phoenix stirred in her arms,… Read more →

77 – Dead Girl Walking

The room was amazing, a round table of blue-stained wood under a sky of gold-purple clouds. The forest the bounded their private dining area was a wintry fir forest, branches heavy with snow, flakes drifting through the air, but never touching them. It was beautiful, it was nonsensical, and it was the perfect kind of fantasy after the fire of… Read more →

74 – Burning

There was a hand on his chest, and he screamed. He spat more blood onto the agent, and wished that- ‘Curt?’ The voice cut through the fear for a second before he tried to crawl away again. Petersen liked to trick him. To make him hear familiar voices, to- Strong hands held him and for a moment, he hoped this… Read more →

73 – Ashes to Ashes

Curt blinked as Ryan’s office came into view. His arm burned where Stef had touched it, and he quickly required some burn cream, dressing it as Ryan paced, staring into his office as alarms sounded. This wasn’t normal, this wasn’t one of the dozen times the phoenix had needed to feed. He sent a small prayer into the void, then… Read more →