Category: Book 02 – Mirrorheart 2.0

55 – Final Chapter

17 days later. Ryan tapped his pen on his desk, the sound resounding through the empty office. The stack of paperwork in front of him wasn’t going to do itself, but the last thing on his mind was recruit progression reports. The paperwork had built up whilst he had been…distracted, but like a faithful animal, it was always waiting. Jones’… Read more →

53 – Twitch

Stef stared through half-open eyes at the pea-soup-fog reality around her, everything was hazy, nothing cared to focus, even when it came close enough. Aside from the occasional needle-prick, she felt that she may as well be living in a marshmallow. ‘Oh god I don’t want to die in hot chocolate!’ a voice, that sounded rather like her own, shouted… Read more →

49 – Somethings…

Stef struggled against him – at first because she didn’t realise whose arms were wrapped tightly around her, then because of whose arms they were. She struggled and tried to pull away, but he held on, not giving her an inch. For a panicked moment, she worried that she’d become the only thing she’d ever feared becoming – delusional. The… Read more →

48 – Grains

‘If you care to recall,’ Stef said. ‘I came here to get away from-’ ‘There’s no one else that could help you. You don’t know any fae, and three-quarters of them aren’t to be trusted in any case, who else do you have?’ ‘I came here so I could think. I’ve only been al-’ ‘I’m not trying to cause you… Read more →

46 – Pact

Stef knew the voice without turning around. ‘Didn’t know you had dibs on it. Jon said I could have it, he said he didn’t expect you.’ ‘I’m rarely expected, Spyder. I heard the news from his doctor, not from him, so he probably doesn’t know I’m here.’ She tapped her fingers on the disk. ‘So he really meant it when… Read more →