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Mirrorheart – 2.0 Edition

This is the “old canon” edition of Mirrorheart – and is currently being superseded by Mirrorheart 3.0 (aka the “Kindle Edition”).

Whereas the shape and story of Mirrorfall between 2.0 and 3.0 is largely the same, minus a few sub-plots, Mirrorheart 2.0 and 3.0 will essentially have nothing in common.

If you’re a new reader, you may wish to read through this edition just to see the history of the story, what it was compared to what it became.

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Stef stared silently at the agent, trying to pick the moment when having a gun pointed at her had become…almost normal. She felt frozen – it was like the stag again, but this time, if she moved, the results weren’t going to be as non-consequential as the wish-granter disappearing. The door closed without him moving […]

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Ryan caught the girl before she hit the ground – a scan revealed that she was simply asleep. He could understand her exhaustion, and he knew that coming back to life was very taxing on a body, he’d had it described to him before. That, combined with the emotional stress, was obviously too much for […]

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Stef struggled against him – at first because she didn’t realise whose arms were wrapped tightly around her, then because of whose arms they were. She struggled and tried to pull away, but he held on, not giving her an inch. For a panicked moment, she worried that she’d become the only thing she’d ever […]

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