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Become an Agent of the Lost

Become an Agent of the Lost Okay, so in the next book (The Importance of Imagination, Require: Cookie, 5.1) I need to create a small role for a new character for our Agency personnel to interact with while they’re working on the case. The Lost, for anyone who needs a reminder, are the fae Court of imaginary friends – they… Read more →

Cameo Competition Ideas

I want to do a competition for a reader to star in a minor role (one chapter, probably won’t reoccur) – but it’s a bit more meaty than the other cameos I’ve done, so I want to do something special… What kind of hoops would you people be willing to jump through in order to be one of the Agency’s… Read more →

RP Annoucement

Roleplay has always been a fun element of Cookie – whether it’s in-character comments done on chapters, RPing a scene on Skype to work on dialogue, or in the more structured form, Cookie has always welcome outside players to dip their toes in the pool of madness and baked goods. Read more →

State of the Cookie

I promised you a State of the Cookie address after the survey, and it seems as though answers have stopped dribbling in, so we’re going to go with these responses and feedback, and go from there. Once again, if you participated, I’d like to take this chance to thank you, as this has helped us make some decisions about moving… Read more →

Management shift!

In light of recent events, we are pleased to announce that Require: Cookie has been acquired by Able Corporation. Unfortunately, it’s not an official thing until we’ve gone through the paperwork. We still haven’t gotten our hands on the 27B-6 form. Due to the recent acquisition, there will be a few changes appearing soon. For example, Agent Stef Mimosa will… Read more →

Ebb and Flow Annoucement

Require: Cookie, Book #4 The next book will be Ebb and Flow – it’ll be launching within the next couple of months. I’ve got about 60k written of it (I was originally splitting it into two books, but I’ve found how I can logically combine them). Yes, that cover is a trashmaid. Feast your eyes on its disgusting, pretty glory.… Read more →

The Holidays Can Suck

No, the headline isn’t a cutesy way for me to say “The Holidays Can my books”, I actually wanted to acknowledge that this time of year isn’t the best for everyone. I’m a secular atheist, so I pretty much celebrate Christmas by default, rather than stemming from any religious affiliation with the date. It’s all presents, commercialism, Santa and… Read more →